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Months’ self-titled debut … is an elegant ramshackle of controlled chaos. Vediner sings in an almost whisper; when the chord progression shifts, the tone changes with Miller’s growl and jagged guitar sound. The official running length clocks in at just under 40 minutes, but in that short space it feels as if you’ve traversed a great distance. — Cris Lankenau, Willamette Week

There’s a song on the self-titled debut album from the Portland band Months that’s as explosive, fiery, and epic as anything you’re going to hear this year. Over eight wire-taut minutes, the breakneck “Annihilation” builds relentlessly, with self-contained skirmishes dotting the song’s (relatively) tranquil verses, before a Television-like guitar duel sends the entire thing rocketing into the stratosphere. The song’s a straight-up masterpiece, and the rest of Months is basically as good. A band of all-star locals, Months includes Point Juncture, WA’s Wilson Vediner and Deer or the Doe’s Aaron Miller on guitars and vocals, joined by Courtney Sheedy (Swim Swam Swum, Houndstooth) on bass and Will Hattman (Down Gown, At Dusk) on drums. Tonight is Months’ record release, and the chance to hear a live performance [of] “Annihilation” alone should have you beating down the door. Add excellent local bands Hungry Ghost and Bitch’n to the bill and you have the best night of the week, no question. — Ned Lannamann, Portland Mercury

What started out as solo recordings from Point Juncture, WA guitarist Wilson Vediner, evolved into a full-tilt band with a debut album that demands to be heard. After a few spins through “Annihilation” and “Cannibal,” the influence of post-punk pioneers Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. is readily apparent, but Vediner and friends seem to have trimmed the grinding excesses of those bands into a more streamlined and consistent fury. — John Chandler, GoLocalPDX


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